Platinum Top looking for a team that is active and committed to League

Bazzah - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Bazzah / Platinum 5 43LP / 482W 483L Win Ratio 50% / Darius - 107W 70L Win Ratio 60%, Jax - 49W 50L Win Ratio 49%, Twisted Fate - 17W 33L Win Ratio 34%, Nasus - 18W 22L Win Ratio 45%, Vel'Koz - 23W 14L Win Ratio 62%
Hi there! My name is Brandon, or you can call me Baz, I am 19 and I am from Manchester in the UK, I am currently Plat 5 in soloQ and Plat 2 in flex Q, I am looking for a team that is, and will be active and committed through season 8. What can you expect from me? -A top that has game knowledge coming from many many seasons of passion of playing League. -A player that is committed to getting better and improving -A player that is very friendly and that you can be comfortable around in a team environment -A player that can you can also learn things from -A large champion pool and a lot of expansive champion knowledge -A very flexible schedule What do I want from your team? -Mostly, I would like your team to be active, I have been in too many teams that I have left because of the frustration that I cannot train and improve as often as I would like to with them. I understand everyone has commitments outside of League but I believe if you don't practice enough as a team or individually you will never improve. I would like to practice at least 4 days every week with the team, if you cannot meet this don't bother responding to me. -I would like you to be committed to improving as a team and individually. -I would like the team environment to be friendly, I know shit games happen, and people can have arguments, I'm cool with that, but I don't want the environment to be constant toxicity and shit talking, I am not cool with that. -I would like to play what I am comfortable on, and not be forced on to tanks every single game. - I would like the members of the team to be active as individual players as well as part of the team So what champions do I play? I would say my top three champions are Darius Nasus and Jax. That does not mean those are the only champions I play well on, I can play almost any top laner you would like me to, and if I am not comfortable playing it I will let you know. Unfortunately, I have been banned for being toxic in the past, which I completely deserved, but for the past month I have been dedicated to becoming a reformed and honorable player, and only two days ago I received honor level 1, (I can provide proof if you really want it), so even Riot knows I am becoming a more honorable player. If I meet your needs, and you meet mine, please do not hesitate to contact me! My IGN is Bazzah, I look forward to hearing from you thank you! x)

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