5's Team looking for Top/Mid(Gold/Plat+ players) - we play tournaments

As title says, my 5's team is looking for 2 more to finish up our core. We had 5 members but as a team, we chose to re-structure our core. Due to the changes, we would like to outline a few things we are searching for in the positions. #1. Do not be full of yourself. I know this sounds dumb, but this is a huge turn-off as a teammate. We don't need someone saying "Don't worry got this 1v2 all game, support you can roam" then proceed to die 20 seconds later. Thinking you are gods gift to the team isn't what we are looking for; you don't win games as 1 person, its a team game for a reason. #2. Be open to criticism/discussions. This one is a BIG DEAL. We want to get better and progress both as a team and individually; we as a team have already started discussions pre and post-games. #3. Be able to adapt to the meta with your champ pool. Can't stress this one enough, being able to adapt and expand your champ pool only helps the team during draft phase/deciding team comp. #4. Speak English. Nuff said; also, have discord+working mic. If anyone has any questions, wants to know more, or would like to try-out, please let me know. Thank you for your time. - Vod iQ {{champion:22}}
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