LF Cute Duo queue partner (Girl Plat 5 Support Main)

Hello i have been looking for a duo queue partner for a while now :3 I want someone who plays alot and can duo alot! Prefer them to be **same division or higher**! The life of a main support is a lonley one without a duo queue partner! Prefer you to be 18+ (since I am 21) and should have a mic so we can communicate in game. Got skype/ts/cv/rc but if you prefer anything else we can always use that except mumble. Dont like that one. I love playing but i can adopt my playstyle alot. I can play {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:111}} but as I said the others are the ones I prefer to play in the current meta! I want to become better so I want people to be able to say what they think I should improve on (without being rude). I am from Sweden aswell so i have a somewhat accent so if that will disturb you then you might wanna look elsewhere. But other then that i live in sweden atm. I am currently looking for a job so i dont have anything to do all day longs except playing league. If you have a problem with girls you might also wanna look elsewhere,** aswell if you cant take the "cute" joke then you might wanna look elsewhere aswell**. I was p1 on NA last season but because of reasons i had to take a longer break plus i moved back to sweden so got put in G5 tho i have climbed like a moster the last days. **_And please people dont add me and then tell me you dont want to duo becuase you are dia or w.e but still have me on your friendslist, its getting old. Im only looking for a duo Q partner_** **_Also everyone who cant find me my ign is changed to Starsgamecorner_**
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