[EUW] [Silver to Challenger] Digital Warfare are recruiting!

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Digital Warfare are a well established organisation, who have had success at Multiplay's Insomnia (**placing 2nd at i60**) and online tournaments. Our members have attended LANs for over 10 years and will continue to do so! We are currently recruiting for casual and competitive players within the League of legends community. We pride ourselves on upholding four key values and passions: Loyalty, Esports, Friendship and Community. **We have our own Discord server and website, which you can find at:** http://www.digwar.gg/ If you're looking for something **casual**, Digital Warfare is the place for you! Here you can chill with a beer (or two) and have a laugh with mates, play normals/flex/ARAMs/customs, or participate in fun inhouse tournaments (we host 1v1 tournaments for RP). For the more **competitive players** among you, we currently have four teams. Their ranks range from Silver to Master. We are looking to expand, with a brand new LoL team. Roles are open for players, management and coaching staff, and you could be a part of it! **(18+ only)** **If you're interested, please add Sacari (Head Recruiter), Saikuri (Recruiter) or Spaceh (Organisation Owner) on LoL EUW, so we can have a chat :D.** **Alternatively, you can apply via our application form, at the end of which you will be given the link to our Discord server:** http://www.digwar.gg/more/careers/application/ To be successful in your application, all we ask is: 1. You are **active on Discord, within voice channels**, regularly talking to members. 2. You respect our four key values, and everything that involves (Loyalty, Esports, Friendship and Community) Thanks for your time <3 **Sacari & Saikuri** **Our Twitter:** https://twitter.com/DigWarGG **Our Youtube:** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCucpV1HOSXgp5aijUzsY3mA **Our Facebook:** https://www.facebook.com/DigWarGG/
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