Looking for positive non toxic people from EUNE to play SR/ARAM games

Well as the title says, i don't care if you're male, female, cat, weeboo. You can play SR only or ARAM only, i don't mind your rank either. As long as you have good attitude, you're positive and hate toxic trashtalking as much as i do you may be interested. But i aim little higher than a little group/club/team so i decided that i will try to create at least a small community of positive people who want to play with other ones like them. I hate toxic players, especially the ones that end up in my team and are more concentrated about typing insults on the all chat than playing actual game. So if you like it, feel free to join me. I've created discord server for that purpose, invitation link is down below. https://discord.gg/010YVjdPAhkFxcZvb For now it will have only general channel, if i see more interest and people joining i will create more according to needs. I know league has it's "clubs" and i will consider creating one, if you have questions ask here or send me an invite. And i hope this post reaches some people before it will be sent don to he oblivion ;]

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