Where is my support? :3

Greetings all supports out there. As you cna guess by this post Im looking for an adc looking for someone to play with. Facts about me as a player: * Im bronze I atm -.- (Last season silver II) since I can't carry without a good support. * I main Vayne but also play champions like Tristana and JInx * My last normal duo queue partner was plat * I've mained support too * I began my league carrier in Jan 2014 * I'm from Sweden * I NEED PEEL to be good * I usually can't play on Mondays and Thursdays I'm searching for this kind of support: * Somone who knows much about the game (ex. Peel, Freeze, Powerspikes, Snowball, Objectives, Buffs, When to play aggresive/passive etc. etc.) * Someone who watches Guides and streams to learn more about the game and its characters * Someone who doesn't flame * Someone who use skype (someone who can speak understandable English or Swedish) * Someone who can play a couple of times/weak (doesn't have to be a game/day tho) * Someone who really wants to be better at the game * Someone who doesn't have a negative attitude (you can tilt sometimes tho) ex. a person who don't say things like "gg lost" * Someone who can take a defeat If this "someone" is you and you're intrested in duo queueing with me, leave a comment or add me in game IGN: HelloDuckie We'll of course play a couple of normal games before just to train and so we know if we CAN play good with eachother.
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