Project: Ender | An unorthodox project, help us embark on our journey to greatness!

**ABOUT US** Originally a startup eSports organisation, we slowly transitioned into a community due to the wishes of the people. Indulging in squabbles in Runeterra and getting mind%%%%ed by modded Minecraft servers built by our devs.. there is always something to do and someone to talk to! We're attempting to rebuild as we had an incident where everything got deleted, unfortunately. But that is in the past! Now we're active and loving our games! Versatility is key, we consist of players from all over the globe and together we form Project: Ender. Please come and be a part of Project: Ender, I really want you to. Really, just do it. I mean it, right now. Now. I'll stab you I have a gun. We're on a journey to greatness, attempting to boost eSports in certain games such as Dofus and also boosting eSports in certain areas which are lacking, British League of Legends for example. **WE ALSO NEED MORE STAFF!** If you want to get involved just visit and message one of the staff members! We have so much to talk about and so little time, so hurry up :) Also, if you're good enough to make me put my hands on my head with your plays you shall be rewarded :)

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