Imagine this as the gate to Synergy Gaming https://discord.gg/6ZT9u8c We're emitting signals because we believe that every person deserves a place to fit in; what does it mean to belong? To us it means family, even if you're half the world away- every member has purpose and potential. It's a harbor for every skill in the book (e.g. gaming, art, writing, video editing and more!) which we help you put into practice... so when I was asked to take my notebook out and put my thoughts in a message, I tore out every page because I wanted this to be so much more than a review. This home is an extension of my life, a settled ocean of friends with all different quirks, you will never be alone, we know you're out there! What makes us different from any other group is that we're a community, bringing to life a story collectively with the efforts of hard working members for all to savor OR maybe you're in search for new experiences; you may not have been to a concert or tournament before, we offer opportunities to fulfill desires you never knew you had, to evoke skills you did not expect to possess. Synergy with over 100 members has a Discord, a website in development, videos and events plus ultra! The community is relatively fresh, however, we're progressing at a consistent rate to become something wonderful, a beacon of light. It all starts with bringing together every hero, it all starts with you. ~ Phantom {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} § What is Synergy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43lxF08ptvg&feature=youtu.be § Why join Synergy? ■ Welcoming environment & Friendly Community ■ Learn new skills / Put current skills to use ■ Participate in (or help create) our stories, events and tournaments! ■ Casual gaming & Coaching ■ eSports team {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} § How to Join ■ 15+ Years Old ■ Friendly ■ English Language {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Join our Discord channel [https://discord.gg/6ZT9u8c ] and introduce yourself, simple as that!
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