Laugh and Smile [LS] searching for 2 Members

> **Your tired from all this random raging people? You want to have fun? Maybe go in Que but not with Randoms? ** > We welcome all nationalities for now the members are mostly Germans, Polish(me), Vietnamese but we dont focus on that nationalities. _Hey there my name is Stormy and i´m one of the coremembers from Laugh and Smile. We are searching for 2 more members from EUW. Normaly we play Normal Games and have fun. But we want to start as a ranked team in next season. Pls be awear that your not joining a Pro Platinum Team we have members from Bronze to Platin. We just love to play with each other without rage. But we are humans right so raging is ok but not all the time. We laugh about our fale´s and smile when we have a bad game (noo actually were not) but laughing and smiling is the Motto in our group. So if you like the idea and want to play with us note those points._ **Requierments: ** - Over 16 ( we have members which are under this Requierment but they are one of the coremembers and come of with this idea, we have also members over 20 so who cares ) - Have to be Agree that i record things for Youtube-Channel(StormyTheStar) - No Rage ( if its not possible for you to keep calm and have fun dont even try it ) - You have to speak english or you should be able to talk english - You have to be LV 30 - Have Teamspeak - EUW **Our Goals:** We want a thriving and active community. To always have community members to play with so you don't have to play with randoms. Soooo when your interested add me ingame StOrMyDe and write me LS and we Talk
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