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Hey fellas, LF a support main who wants to reach diamond in preseason! I'm a german AD main of 28 years with a decent championpool which consists of: {{champion:18}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:236}} **Requirements:** 18++ Playing playmaking supports to facilitate my aggression Not only mechanically gifted but with some intellect to go with it Be able to give and take constructive criticism. **About me:** I'm very good at taking trades in lane and I understand my matchups very well. My CSing is good atleast. My teamfighting is pretty decent I'd say. My grasp of the meta right now is pretty good and I do enjoy theorycrafting quiet a bit. I do however lack in mapawareness and am sometimes overaggressive when ahead or when my team is struggling to engage. So if you are looking for a player who knows where his strength and weaknesses lie and is working hard on improving, I'm your man! Usually online from 15:30 GMT+1 Add me Ingame if your interested: **awesomè** (C/P since the i has an apostroph on top of it) Speaking german is a + but not necessary! greetz :)
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