EXL is looking for a dedicated support (Gold 2+)

Hello everyone, Our team EXL is currently looking for a dedicated support. We want this team to play in a serious, friendly, environment between the players, we ask for maturity, effort/commitment and a positive mindset (cooperation, the desire to improve and learn whether that is from yourself and/or from others). We intend to play very actively with a schedule that suits everyone. We also have the goal of participating in tournaments occasionally. So to cut it short, only apply if you: **1. Can play according to a schedule.** **2. Are an active player, at least available during multiple evenings.** **3. Have a working microphone.** **4. Are able to join online tournaments occasionally (most are in weekends).** **5. Have a mature and positive in-game attitude.** **6. Are at the very least gold 2 or higher.** **7. (optimal) - We are looking someone that can target/shotcall and be a high impact on the communication in the team** If you are interested and you believe you meet these requirements fill out this small app below, we will pick who to tryout, and schedule some tryout games which should occur in the next day or so. Name: Age: Soloq rating: Main champions: Experience in 5's: Why you?: Thank you for your attention, have a nice day Kind regards, Beedle EDIT1: For everyone that replied - I have added everyone on league and put everyone on the tryout list. I will try to give everyone a shot but if we find someone we really like I wont keep you waiting. I will contact everyone trough league when he/she can tryout.
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