Two swedes LF a team!

Sup. We are two guys from sweden, 26 years. Been playing since two or three years back with a few breaks. I started as jungle and just recently switched over to adc with jungle as my secondary, I've reached G1 personally. Failed promos to P5 three times in a row :( My friend started as a mid player and is now jungle/top and have reached P5 at best. At the moment we are both struggling to get past g5-g4 for some reason. We are looking for another player, or three for a full team as we want to play more like a team and not a clown fiesta as it is now. We use skype to communicate and we play most days of the week atleast some hours, sometimes nothing for a few days depending on life and sometimes just grind games all day. PM me! EDIT: Seems like a missed a bit of info. Pref a swedish player and we play on EUNE. EDIT2: IGN is pressurechief.
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