Team recruiting toplaner + coach for clash and other competitions. (gold/plat)

Our team is looking for a reliable **Toplaner** . Every week we participate in an lcs style mini competition with 8 teams that lasts for 6 weeks + a knockout phase. This means playing scrims with other teams, possibly going over some replays, finding a coach and trying to make serious improvments to our overall gameplay. - You need to be platinum/gold elo - No diamond or higher smurfs - mature and competitive person. - able to play at least 1 or 2 evenings for scrims and 2 competitive games per week + clash. - We favor people with a versatile champion pool. - Have some chill and be able to look at yourself critically. - your shittalking needs to be at least expert level. We are also looking for players for our sub roster: Top - open Jungle - open Midlane - open ADC - filled Support - open
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