[EUW][D3-Master] enVy Gaming is looking for top lane applicants

**Hi there!** My name is K3nSter I've decided to form a team built around 5 promising players. By ensuring good culture, each of us (players included) will be improving from mistakes and refining our craft.So far we have 2 applicants for each role except for top lane. ### You are: - Fluent English speaker - Rated between [D3] and [Master] - Finished last season [D3] or better (if you are [D1+] right now, exceptions can be made) ### You relish in: - Accepting your mistakes and improving from them - Executing good plays - Learning from other players and/or statistics Every applicant will have their gameplay reviewed, we are happy to give feedback when folks ask. The most promising people will have a chat with K3nSter, to understand your intentions and how you communicate. As soon as 5 promising players are found and have spoken with each other, we will schedule tryout matches. These will be scrims against a D3-Master rated team. ### Apply here: **[Fill out form]( https://goo.gl/forms/Oq0o26pRX5gqz7iz1)** ### Questions? Everyone is welcome to **[join the Discord](https://discord.gg/p4XnZXH)** K3nSter(me) will answer questions as soon as possible! We will also looking for people to help build up our team/community.So if you feel like you can bring something that gonna help the team or you want to join and help to build the community,don't hesitate to contact us. **[Coach requirements](https://goo.gl/pRNz5H)** [img]http://i.imgur.com/9FSHggo.png[/img]

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