Looking to build a long lasting family and friendship!

Hello all, I would like to welcome you to Gentlemens Club! We are a small group of people trying to reach out to the people of League of Legends! We are an active bunch and dedicated to our gaming and our small community. We are now looking to expand our small friendship to a bigger group where we can help each other out in the community and in game. We accept all players, new or old, bronze to diamond. We look to help people with their game. We encourage everyone in this community to make an impact via helping people out, being active, making banters and friendly competitions. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A HIGH ELO PLAYERS WHO HAS TIME AND THE DEDICATION TO BE PART OF OUR MAIN TEAM. MOST IMPORTANTLY NEED A JUNGLER! AND PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO BE PART OF THE TEAM WILL BE PUT THROUGH A TRIAL AND THEN DECIDED WHETHER TO BE SUCCESSFUL OR NOT. IF YOU ARENT DONT LOOSE HOPE AND LEAVE! WE HAVE OTHER TEAMS THAT NEEDS PEOPLE! Things we are looking for - -We are looking people with experience for staff positions. -People who can knows how to work discord. -People who can coach the lower Elo members without expecting anything in return other than their success. -Within the community we are looking to make team for people to play flex as well as a main team which we put out for tournaments and other competitions. If you are interested to know more or interested in joining us please post down below! Please make sure do get in contact and don't hesitate! We won't bite! Thank you Gentlemens Club
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