Creating a Ranked 5s Silver/Gold Team

Hi, I'm Mid is Carry and I'm interested in founding a good ranked 5s team. The goals for the team is to compete in online tournaments and play in the ranked 5s queue. I am looking for every role other than Mid lane, that is top lane, jungle, adc and support. The minimum requirement to apply is Silver 4, and the maximum is Gold 4. Other requirements are listed below- Requirements: - Be 16 or older and mature. - Have a clear mic. - Understand calls and be able to make calls in English (aka don't feel discouraged if you think your English is not good) - Be friendly and know how to cooperate in a group. (0 tolerance towards toxicity) - Take this seriously, if you just want to try it out for 1 week or leave after we have a bad game/tournament run, please save our time and search for another kind of team! - Be ready to improve some kind of mechanics in "boring" custom games alone or with someone. To apply, answer these questions!: What is your IGN?: How old are you? : Where are you from? : Main Role? : Last Season Rank? : Your biggest advantage in game? : Your biggest problem in game? : Why are you applying? : You will be contacted through league of legends, if accepted for tryouts, and we will talk more from there. Do note, I will be having a friend that is not going to be apart of the team but he will be assisting me with the tryouts. If you have ANY questions don't be afraid to ask, and have a wonderful day!
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