[ZiphoN eSports] LF dedicated, talented Dia+ Players.

{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Grab some popcorn, and take your time to read this post thanks :) **ZiphoN eSports **are looking for dedicated players, who are willing to improve both individually and as a team. Our "pre-season" aim is to attend online tournaments and perform our best, but mostly just to synergize and function as a team. (Preferably winning though ;) ) In season 6, we'd like to set team goals together as a team, both to see what our individual teammates wishes to reach in s6. **What are we looking for in a player?** We're looking for many things, but the most important ones are listed below: - **Maturity. **_ Age doesn't mean much, as long as you're mature and know how to behave amongst others and not to show up late every practice_ - **Dedication.** _We are looking for players with an open schedule, which isn't always about playing games, but also to talk about our matches, replays etc._ - **Talent.** _As long as we can see you have mechanics and skill, we're open to be patient about you :) Rome wasn't built in a day._ - **Patience.** _It's obvious that a team can't function well by just doing tryouts, so it's important to us that the tryout has patience both with a reply whether or not you're on the team or not. I will do my best to give information on how things are being handled, but it's human to make mistakes._ Our current lineup: Top - Jgl - Mid - ALY Flugo (Dia3) ADC - StandUpSquirrel (Dia5) Sup - Do you have any interest? Add me (StandUpSquirrel) and chat. We're also looking for subs, so feel free to notify me about that. If you would like to do me a favor, and save us both some time, fill out this application please :) Summoner name: Age: Country: SoloQ Rank: Previous teams?: Main champions: Thank you for reading :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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