Open In-house gaming night at The Chaos Vanguard! Tonight!

Hello guys and gals! Are you looking to join a community but aren’t sure about whether or not it’s the right one for you? Well then you’re in luck! Chaos Vanguard have decided to host an in-house open to the public so that you are able to decide whether or not you like the community with no strings attached. You are able to meet members of our community and have a few games with our members so you can decide whether or not you will want to join as a member. There will be 3 in-houses held each time. Requirements: We request that everyone who wishes to join this event needs to be on TeamSpeak. Quite simply we will not tolerate poor behaviour. Trolling, griefing, flaming, abusing, and harassment of your fellow teammates you play with is completely unacceptable. We understand at times that gaming can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting but very seldom is this an excuse to act in a way that only serves to upset and annoy others. The Chaos Vanguard is home to people of all races, nationalities, religious beliefs, sexualities, genders, political beliefs, disabilities, and ages. Yet we all have one thing in common, we joined CV to play our favourite games and nothing else matters. Discrimination will never be acceptable and will not be tolerated in CV. There are those that say respect should be earned and those that say it should be given. We merely ask that you treat your fellow teammates in the way that you would want to be treated. You must be above the age of 16 and you must be level 30 in game. Who to contact: Host: CupcakeSusie IGN: CV CupcakeSusie Host: Loopylamaaa IGN: Loopylamaaa Moderators: BubaV2 IGN: BubaV2 Sneeuw is koud IGN: Sneeuw is koud Zepyrin IGN: CV Zephyrin Day the in-house will be held: 9th of July 2016 - Saturday 7pm BST Game mode: The game mode will be chosen by a majority vote. How to join: 1. Join the community TeamSpeak: 2. Join the Open Inhouse Waiting room with your ingame name. 3. Anyone who wants to join please comment on this post. Note: As it was mentioned before we will host 3 games which means we are looking for 15 people to have fun with us. :) I hope to see you soon :) Regards, CupcakeSusie

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