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Woops, didn't see you there. Hello! Well, you are here, so the title must have peaked your interested just a little bit, so let me get right to the case! Well, i have to open up a little about myself and why i'm making this project and what it's about. I know a lot of young people are struggling with loneliness and finding a place where they belong. It's easy to make friends online and it's also easy to lose touch again. The typical "you are never gonna meet these people RL, so why care". I've lost a lot of friends that way, and neither am i a saint, as i've had the same mentality. Its very hard to make any close friends and a lot of people have to move from group to group, making new connections constantly, which is not a bad thing. But sometimes you can sit in situations where, it's really hard to break through that wall. It's really hard to find a new group that you feel welcome in, that you can be yourself in. And it's a long journey, just to find those new groups and stick in them for awhile. What i'm trying to make, is a discord where everyone that struggles with this, can go. If they feel lonely, they can always ask "does anyone want to play @thisgame" or just strike up a random conversation about.. Lets just say cats! And people will answer. What i want to make is a place for people who struggle with loneliness, who struggles with walking up to some new people they meet in a game, because they thought they were cool, but actually didn't dare to ask if you could join them. I want to make a place where you can come in, start up a network of new friends, new friends you can talk about other things with, that you may not dare to talk about to your other friends. A place where you can go and find someone to play with, that will be glad to join you. I'm not trying to make a giant discord, i am quite alright with just a 100 people, as i also want it to be a least a little intimate. If there is over a 1000 people, you won't get to know anyone by anything else then their username. I really want to make a place where people can play whatever game they feel like, talk with whomever they feel like on voice chat, and if they don't feel like playing, and just want to type in general chat, that's really alright! But to make this project a reality, i need help. I can't hold your hand and push you into this. You may be shy, but to change you need to take the first step. I've given you the tool to change. Your english doesn't need to be perfect, heck, mine isn't. As long as you are a friendly soul, who may have a few quirks here and there, but really just want to build up friendships. The games that we can offer is things like; League of legends, PUBG, Overwatch, Heroes of the storm, Battlerite, Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft and some new may be added! (We now also host small discord tournaments for games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. We are also looking into finding small prices for the winners, this will be added in the future.) However, this is a very new project, to be honest, i've just started on it the 03/12.17. So it may have a slow start, but be patient, and every good thing will come.

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