"Team New Horizons" looking for members [G+]

Hey guys My name is Patric, some people call me "T0n1ght". I wanted to start a league team for a while now. Me and my friend Adrian "RoastedTurky" decided it was finally time to give it a shot. The goal is to gather cool guys/girls have fun and climb together. Here's what we want to do: -Play twice a week 5v5s -Get everyone to plat in a month or two -Play online tournaments as soon as everyone is plat I'm a mid lane main, playing mostly brand/viktor/ahri atm. Adrian is a jungle main, his mains are elise/rek'sai/ekko. We are looking for a top laner, adc and a support. Get in touch with me or Adrian if you are a cool person and are: -at least 18 years old -have time to practice every week -are serious about climbing -looking for an oportunity to play duoQ with someone cool for "adc/support", "jungle/toplane" ... and also get team practice in -speak english fluently If you are interested contact me or Adrian ingame. We are looking to get to know you guys :)
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