Support main LF duo ~ stuck in plat

Hi I'm 21 yo from Norway and main support. I'm looking for someone to climb out of platinum, and into diamond. A friendly person who don't flame and can keep a good mood. One that don't mind receiving and giving criticism. One that want to use communication and one to work on the synergy. I always play for the win and got a serious mindset. I don't want any trolling or someone childish. Tilting and raging is not preciated. Been a hard time to find my style after all the bot lane changes, but I belive I might have found my way now. I am a utility support. Main supports are Nami, Janna and Lulu. Can also play Braum and Leona. Been getting help from some coaching, and I try my best to keep improving. My win rates are pretty shit at this moment, but my KDA's are usally alot better than my win rate. I've been having alot of unlucky teams and adc's. **Requirements:** 18+ Plat IV+ Working mic + skype/discord/TS3 Decent english Positive attitude Add me in game if intrested **IGN: **Lady From Norway

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