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A social gaming community! Come and join us! =)
Hello everyone! CA is a smaller social gaming community, with focus on the social aspects of gaming and socializing online. A place where the time spent between games, at work, school or at home is just at important and enjoyable as the time spent in game. We offer a nice gaming environment without flamers and toxic people. A safe place to talk about anything between heaven and earth, gaming related or life's hard questions... like the question of which one is better, cake or pie? ;) The only requirements we have is that you are 18 or older, can make yourself understood in and understand English and that you aren't toxic. That's it! ^^ So come join us, hang out and look around! Join us through our website or come onto Discord and say hi! www.cerberusassault.enjin.com If you don't have Discord then you can download the client here: https://discordapp.com/apps Then you join the server with the following link: https://discord.gg/0aJBg71AsZYutSbf Hope to see you soon!
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