LF Diamond+ players for MOBAFIRE Community Cup EUW Tournament - MAY 1

MOBAFire Community Cup EUW - May
IMPORTANT: New player registration required by Riot: please register for the event: http://events.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/events/184866 prior to the event! You will not be able to receive your RP prizes from Riot if you are not registered.
Hello dear players, there is Mobafire tournament at 1st May, I'm looking for players to play with. If you're interested msg me ingame - or here in this board. Add me: Teemo in Uranus Prizes are: 1st Place: $150 USD (5x) MOBAFire Hats (5x) MOBAFire Stickers (5x) 1600 RP (5x) Ryze Triumphant Skin (5x) 4-Win IP Boost 2nd Place: $100 USD (5x) MOBAFire Stickers (5x) 1200 RP (5x) 4-Win IP Boost 3rd Place: $50 USD (5x) MOBAFire Stickers (5x) 800 RP (5x) 4-Win IP Boost 4th Place: (5x) 400 RP (5x) 4-Win IP Boost Requirements to join the team: Server: EUW Rank: Diamond 5+ Skype/Teamspeak: Not necessary Language: English Good game-knowledge Champion pool large enough (3+) Able to play against counters Sportsmanship attitude, no flaming, no blaming etc. Good teamwork Never give up even when behind. Looking for: Jungle, Adc, Support Already taken: Top Mid Add me and we play {{summoner:2}}
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