Bot lane lf team

D5 adc and P3 support lf team. We look for a team that understands how to win games by Macro. No midlane arams, no fiesta. Fast rotations, follow ups, clear misses and map informations are highly prefered. Getting 4 man'd on botlane without any team reaction is not what we are looking for, if we want to get Oreo'd we play soloq :) **PLAYER INFORMATION** **ADC ~ NaVi Lophix** **- Champions: ** Caitlyn, Ezreal, Twitch, Vayne *(Team/Midgame focused)* **- Current rank:** Diamond 5 **- Peak rank:** 510LP Challenger **- Season 6: ** Master **- Achievements: ** Rank 3# Teamrank, ESL Premiership Qualifiers **Support ~ Lady From Norway** **- Champions: ** Leona, Janna, Nami, Lulu, Malz, Karma *(Lane focused)* **- Current rank:** Platinum 3 **- Peak rank:** Diamond 5 **- Season 6: ** Diamond 5 **- Achievements: ** 2. Place Gigacon Tournament We are not looking for EUCS participants, we want to play for fun and enjoy a calmed atmosphere within the team. **What we expect from a team: ** - Calm and friendly atmosphere besides good meant criticism. - Trustworthy team appointments. Punctual, everyone to appear. - No professional complex kick ins, take a loss as a loss and as an improvement. - No elo stigma kick ins. - Playing for fun while also being serious in games, theres room for jokes and other stuff between games. - No super high set goals that we wont reach anyway. - """AT LEAST""" a team with platinum players WITHOUT the well known "Platinum Elo complex" - The ability to learn from mistakes and learn from tipps aswell. - Follow calls from people with better knowledge: (example) ignoring a 12cs wave to follow a roam, helping the jungle or joining a clash for objectives. - No pointless teamcomps. If you want to play champs that are super fun to play, Please play normals. - Preferably meta champs (tank tops, control mages mid, carry junglers) **What you can expect from us:** - Good botlane synergy. - No mindless feed. - Knowledge of using powerspikes. - High overall knowledge about the game since adc got intense coached. - A friendly atmosphere. - The ability to take criticism, as long as we agree. - A teamspeak server with unlimited slots if needed. - Tipps and tricks about playing in Team to get advantage of. - A winning lane in 80% of the time till at least High Diamond 1. (winning means NOT only getting kills, adc can be 0-1 and still be ahead and more useful than the other) As mentioned before we are not looking for possible EUCS teams, we are looking for teams that is fun playing with as long as theyre decently serious INGAME and willing to accept criticism aswell as we do. Add "Lady From Norway" for more information

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