Looking for Players to Play a TEAMCOMP revolving around KINDRED

Hey guys im looking for some skilled players to play a special teamcomp I thought of myself. The Comp is: Malphite, Karthus, Janna, Tristana, Kindred So let's get into my thoughts of the Teamcomp. The Main Goal of the Comp is to use Kindred ult offensively, get everyone around 10% Hp and finish them off with a huge Karthus ult. Janna functions as a heal right after the Kindred ult is finished to keep your mates alive but it also can be used to push enemies out of the outer circle of the Kindred ult. Same can be said about Tristana whilst she also has the ability to 3 stack someone and then ult+Auto for some sweet AOE combo. If you think that's a cool comp msg me in lol and we try to play it ;) Teemokiller420
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