LF long-term sensible players

Tired of playing with randoms and cursing after every other game? So am I. No, but srsly. I'd like to find some nice reasonable people that I could play with casually (both ranked and normals) and just **enjoy** the games (I almost forgot how it feels like). Terrible community and even worse matchmaking system make me want to cry nowadays so I'd like to find some people who play for fun (but still try to win!). No hardcore ranked grinding (I honestly don't have enough time for that) and no trolling either. I realize finding some actual sensible players will take time, some of them will not be a good fit, others will lose interest too quickly. But hopefully after a while we will have a nice group of friends to play with and enjoy league again. (This is not a team. Nor a club or community. I'd like a small but close group of players who will know they will always enjoy playing together.) (Posting this from both my accounts on both eu servers just for visibility.) A few words about me to get you started. I started playing in season 1 (on NA server, for some reason :P), I've been a supp main since season 3 and currently I'm plat (on euw). I like to spam one champ for longer periods of time. In game, I focus on objectives and try to think about macro and positioning (I hate people who just play alone and ignore the team). Oh, and I'm 28 years old. In order for us to understand each other better I'm looking for people who are similar to me in age and skill so 20+ and gold+ please. I know 19-year-olds and silver 1s will feel this is unfair but I have to draw the line somewhere. Just add me in game: I NPS I (euw) or PolishSuperElite (eune). You may write a few words about yourselves below, if you want to.
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