Dedicated player looking for a low elo team to coach and play with.

Greetings players out there. I am a dedicated player who's looking for a team to coach and play with. I am currently a Silver III adc Vayne main. I'm looking for a bronze-silver team because I don't share the overall opinion that bronze players are as bad as everyone says, they might just have a lack of game knowledge. My current goal is to climb to gold before the end of this season, but I believe I will need a full premade team to do so. The reason why I am looking for team is because I can't play solo and carry, I'm far too team reliant. If you want to join this team, you are not allowed to be far too negative, flaming, blaming etc. You'll have to speak understandable english. You'll need to be able to take criticism from me, I wont put my advice in a mean way tho. We'll train in normals for a while before we start to play ranked. Remember if you want to join, you'll have to be willing to learn more about the game and the only way to do so is to admit you are bad. If you are intrested however add me ingmae : HelloDuckie (Euw) Current roles are open: * Top * Jungle * Mid And 2 Subs of any role Hope to hear from you soon :D Until then, good luck in the fields of justice

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