[Plat/Dia] Looking for a briliant ADC that I can take care off in game

Dear amazing and intelligent person I am a Plat I support main (peeked D4100lp last season). 22 years old and from Norway. I enjoy league 100 times more whit a friend. I got a huge eagerness to learn and improve. I rather play to improve than tilting over loss of lp. Synergy is important to me and I hope the person I will be duo with will work on it with me. I have a good mentality, always positive and cheerfull. I always tryhard and will do my best. Right now I'm spamming braindead freelo supports like Soraka, Lulu, Janna, Nami. I am open to critizme and I dont mind if anyone feel like giving me tips to improve. If you are higher dia+ and want to try out coaching or giving out tips, dont hesitate contacting me! Add me in game if you want to chat alitle. It's important to me that you have mic and speak englando :^) I don't care much about age, just be able to act mature but also be able to laugh and have fun Cheers EmiIie _(copy -> paste) _

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