Team looking for a plat+ midlaner

Hey everyone SO as the title explains we are looking for a plat+ midlaner to join our team. Our top and bot ended last season in diamond and are currently all plat+. I agreed to substitute as a jungler but i'm currently only g3 but i'm climbing the ladder. I was originally a support main but like i said i'm about to jungle right now so i'm still learning alot. I learn fast and with the help of the rest of the team i should be fine in no time. The other requirement we have is that you are eager and patient in learning to play as a team and don't feel offended when we point out mistakes cuz everyone makes them. Accept it and learn from it. We would like to play around 9.30 pm GMT so that is something else you should be able to adapt to since that is the time when everyone is able to play. SO if you're a midlane main and you're currently plat+ feel free to add me or comment on this post My ign is m3di
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