Coach/Analyst Looking for Team with CS/LCS potential.

Hey! I'm an analyst/coach currently looking for a team that is either allready in the Challenger series or at least have the potential to reach it and eventually the LCS. My previous experience comes from a gaming house project where I lived with my team for a year while going from platinum level to CS/LCS qualifiers vs UoL. for the most part of my time with the team i acted as manager/coach/analyst and I felt very much at home mainly as an analyst/coach. I've got a pretty good understanding of all the different aspects that I as a coach/analyst need to fully understand, not just the in-game analyzing of someones play-making capabilities. I'm ready to put a lot of time and effort into this and due to my experience in the past i know what it means to work with a team full-time as I've even lived with my former team for an entire year while neither of the involved people attended school or had any jobs. I am primarily looking to act as a head-coach for a team that is at least allready in the master tier, however depending on the offer and the situation I might be interested in a less central role in the support staff as long as i feel that the other involved coach(es) are good enough to take a team to the challenger series/LCS. Contact me in-game or by responding here and we'll continue on skype, Steam or TS/Vent etc if it looks interesting.

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