ARAM Team - Recruiting members for tournaments

Hi! I am looking for players to play ARAM tournaments with. I have played a number of ARAM tournaments and was a fun experience which I learned a lot from too so I wanted to form a team again. We would play two to three tournaments a week, but we would practice and try to improve our teamwork on off-tour days(few games a week). This is actually intended to be an organization that will make a fun and enjoyable environment for players that are willing to accept their mistakes and mistakes of their teammates and are determined to improve their gameplay. I would like you to : first of all be mature and understanding, age doesn't matter as long as you aren't acting immature be communicative, which includes a working microphone of course be able to play a few times a week and try to improve on teamwork not be too serious and strict on yourself or your teammates if we make mistakes. Keep in mind this is meant to be fun even though we are trying to win division doesn't matter, as soloq and aram are two completely different things. As long as you have the basic skills and are willing to improve you are welcome{{champion:3}} I would like our first tournament to be 13th June or later, depending if I manage to recruit enough available members(we are currently missing two). That's all I have to say, you can add me in game (GD Onizuka) or ask questions in the comments. Hope you have a nice day!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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