Ranked Team Looking for D5 or above TOPlaner motivated. Also All members are from forums 7/2/2016.

About us: As of right now, we have a Midlaner, Adc , Support and Jungle (Me) all diamond 5 or above. List of potential players: Adulac, SapphireNocturne, Daisy J Ridley, je suis seppi, We are looking for a diamond 5 or above toplaner highly motivated for team ranked 5V5. We all come from the forums and didn't know each other before the 2nd of july 2016. This team is fresh since nobody knows each other. We are looking for someone who is fluent in english, and available very often especially during team ranked hours. If you wish to apply please respond down below with your details and what you think you can bring to our team. Also if you wish to speak to me in game my username is "SapphireNocturne". If you don't have an active diamond 5 account or don't match any of the criterias, don't bother contacting me plz. Hope to see you on our team. :D PS: If you haven't found a team yet, instead of just hanging around contact us and we can give it a go. It might be better than what you're looking for. That is if you match the criterias needed to get into the team. Some people on our team are just waiting to be recruited by others, but are willing to give it a shot with us while waiting to be recruited. Thanks for your time and gl on the rift.

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