Looking for players to climb from Bronze [EUW]

Me and a friend are looking for people to play with. Have a few years XP on LoL, we got put into Bronze after winning 6/10 placements (Go figure) and we are now stuck here like every other bronzie! xD Looking for some dedicated players to put some serious hours into the game and climb! Must be available to Skype when playing together as we want communication. Requirements; must be 16+ (But if you're good and don't sound like a high pitched girl we can talk) Any division and league is fine (We don't necessarily want amazing players, just dedicated and committed ones) Must be a non toxic/passive player (I don't really enjoy people telling me they're going to fuck my mother because I died in a situation that was out of my control!) ;) UK players would be an advantage (This doesn't mean I won't play with any euro's because I will) Be open to Banter (There's probably going to be alot of it) Okay so I've outlined what we need, so please use this template to leave your details and I will message you Ingame/skype. IGN; Skype; (If you don't want to post it here just put "Will tell you ingame") Role; Main character(s); League; Age; Location; Hope to speak to some of you soon. Thanks! :D
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