D5 Player (tanks, support, support-type champions) looking for team

Hello, I want to get some experience in 5v5 team ranked. I'm looking for a friendly team that likes to experiment. **Player game info:** Season end soloQ rank: Diamond 5 Highest rank during season: promo to Diamond 3 Most played role: Support Least played role: ADC Favorite role: Top (not so much anymore cause of .. every patch last season xD) Least favorite role: Jungle (if I had to choose one) I like to play team oriented champions: something that can buff allies nicely and/or provide good cc and tankyness S5 most played champions: (from left to right) {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:59}} During S5 in Ranked I played 55 different champions with at least 2 wins and 85 champions overall so you could say I'm not afraid to experiment (champions, builds, strategies). **Player personal info:** Name: Pavel (Paul) You can call me: Blackie... or whatever you want I live in: Czech republic (Brno) I can speak: fluent Czech, somewhat fluent English Age: 20 Other favorite games: CSGO, Gmod, Skyrim Random fun fact: In high-school I had a classmate who used to be Freeze's classmate. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} You can add me ingame or answer here.

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