I'm Silver 5, making a ranked team. Talk here if interested

Okay, right, here goes: I am looking for followers that are willing to accept me as team leader. I have lots of ranked 5s experience and I got a very good idea of how to do well and how to progress as a team. What I ask from you is simple. 1. A strong passion to succeed in ranked 5s. 2. A good personality in that you listen caringly to others and support each other to improve rather than being nasty to each other. 3. Confidence to try new things for the benefit for the team. 4. The ability to treat everyone equally and with respect. If you are a kind of person who criticizes often for no good reason, this is not the team for you. 5. Ability to speak and understand English well. 6. Ability to join consistently at a specific time. I do not care about rank. Ranks can be improved easily with the right kind of practice. I do care about your passion to improve. Thanks. \/ Message here, I will add you and come back to you! : - )

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