Serious low elo team

hey everyone i have noticed a lot of Silver people are looking for a team, however a lot of teams are asking gold+ but in my opinion Silver hase just the same amount of good players as gold.... everyone knows soloQ is screwed xD ANYWAY; introducing myself, i'm Ollioxis, i'm 18 and i come from Belgium i have been playing league almost a full year now and i am at silver4 atm my main lane is TOPlane using mostly maokai, lulu and rumble but my championpool is rather big xD i'm searching for some NICE and ACTIVE people (don't care about divisions) to play serious ranked games and just having fun in the normals together.... OFCOURSE i won't forbid u people to play duoQ together... but the more synergy the better ofcourse xD i myself play EVERY day from 9 pm till i'm 2 tirred to play but mostly 1AM what i like to know from u people is= 1) IGN 2) main role 3) main champions (3 champs) 4) secondary role 5) overal most fun champions 6) reason for joining us 7) fun or competition (chose one) anyway, thanks in advantage, see you guys on the rift Ollioxis

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