[WANTED] 3V3 Team Member(s)

Hello there! As I finally found out that team ranked still works for the Twisted Treeline map, I wanted to look for a new member that may want to try to win some matches with us. I'm not experienced but I want to try to learn more about the map, about viable picks and team combos. Our 2 team members have been Unranked and Gold for now and for us it doesn't really matter which rank you got. Also, if we get along fine and probably like different kinds of champions and roles, being able to synergize very well, I could see our team trying to win some 5V5 ranked matches. But that's just a curious suggestion for now. :) What do I expect of a new member? - Friendliness - Not giving up immediately - Being able to evolve with us as a team - Just having a good time In case you're interested or want to know more, just contact me or comment below! Nayrana {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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