Team JMC Recruiting for Summer Tournaments (specifically ADCs & Supports)

Team Aeviternal
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The above link gives details on what this team is all about. We are currently searching for D3+ solo queue players, specifically bot lane adcs and supports. Your flex rank doesn't matter as of right now. Preferably keep it around the low Platinum range, so that we can 5 man queue during the summer when we are practising. Our team consists currently of a Masters Jungler and a high tier Diamond mid laner as well as a Diamond top laner. We also have a coach, who is analysing games (which we stream). One important factor to note is that we will only be playing the majority of our 5 man games and all tournaments during the summer holiday (06/2017 to 08/2017). This is because most of us have limited time during study eras, thus are unable to play much league. Key Requirements: * D3+ in solo queue [previous/this season] (flex rank doesn't matter for now). * You are able to fluently speak English. * Having a positive mentality. If you are interested in joining our team, simply join our Discord server, and introduce yourself by speaking to our @Team Manager, or @Dainank or in our 'off-topic' section. LINK: If the link doesn't work, simply reply below and I will contact you personally. Thank You!

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