LF an Analyst/Coach, for a newly formed, but highly talented team.

We're looking for a person with both high game knowledge, and experience. You need to be able to work together with 5 talented individuals, in order to form an in-sync team. It's an international team, which means we will be playing online tournaments, you would therefore preferably have experience, with those sort of events. Requirements: Fluent in both written and spoken English. Has enough time to watch the team's replays and evaluate. Elo does not mean anything when speaking about the strategic part of LoL, however, having played on a highly ranked team, would be a bonus. Needs to have the same desire to win as the players. Preferably, have a coaching experience, could be from normal sports, or even another game in e-sports. If you meet these demands, you will have the chance to work with following players. ToastYububu - Reached Challenger Tier, in SoloQ this season, very dedicated towards the team. you are gessegi - Has been in the high end of Diamond for the last couple of years. Mechanically very strong. Swiphey - Peaked Master Tier this season, before master tier, nearly hit challenger promotion. FRC Kexxz - Has had Challenger experience in ranked team. We have together as a duo-bot beaten players from the top. As you can see, we have the potential to reach wherever our coaching staff leads us to. If you feel you're the man for the job, go ahead and add team captain - Swiphey, on EuW.
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