Duo boosting legal?

Hi all, So I'm finally trying to climb my way to Gold 5 from Silver 2 as a support main. I want to do it on my own skill and learn to play the game, which seems to be paying off thanks to kind people helping me learn. One thing that has got my attention is the whole 'boosting' thing. I get it that it is against the ToS to have someone else play on your account for you, but what I am not understanding is how the whole duo queue boosting works out. For instance I have looked on a fairly well known site and I can pay £40 to have some 'pro' player duo with me to get me up to Gold 5. They would not be playing on my account if I did that, so how would it all play out? Would the whole thing be detected and result in my account being banned? How would Riot know it is not just my friend from work helping me out on LoL like I do for them during the day? Or is the whole thing 'legal'? Of course I don't want to do this - I want to learn my way to gold and earn it - but my engineering mind wants to know how it all works purely out of interest. xD Thanks for any replies, lulose (EUW) {{champion:78}}

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