Team looking for a Diamond 1 or higher jungler, and a coach - Read post if you're intrested

So, you're intrested? Cool! I'd like to tell you some BASIC stuff about us. It's a new team, obviously. We played a few games together, went good in teamranked. We signed in on the Tryforce cup. And we faced high elo diamonds, master, challengers. We won. But we didn't win the finals where our jungler fell off in the experience of a shotcaller and mechanics ... So we're looking for a jungler who can fit us, if you're intrested write below your experience and all that kind of good stuff information and we'll be sure to check it out! Also write time scheduele! We're a serious team who will be playing for a serious goal! Thanks for reading the jungler post! Coach postion - Like I said, we had some good results for a few games. And we need a coach that has high elo experience that can guide us through the darkness to reach better results. We'd you to write some experience at the post too. And how much time you can sacrifce for us. Any money wins, by the tournaments will be shared with you aswell. Our top is the deadliest j4 top with the rank master tier Our mid is the most farming machine you will ever see, diamond 1 Our adc is the outplay vayne god, diamond 1 Our support is the warding guy, kappa, diamond 1 Anyhow if you're intrested in more information be sure to ask us by writing below! Thanks for reading our post and good luck and have fun summoners! - Bye
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