Building a new team for ESL and tournaments

Hi guys! I am YoMan55 and I started a ranked team like 2-3 weeks ago. With a lot of work we could enter gold 4 with 5 wins (promotionals) and reach gold 2 immediatly. But we participated in a tournament today and I realised that we can't go higher. (It's not about individual skills, it is about communication.) So, we lost the tournament, and the team "dissapeared". I don't want this to happen again, so I am looking for serious players who won't leave the team after a lost game, or something like that. If you are interested, write there or add me as a friend: YoMan55. We are currently looking for these roles: -Jungler -Support If you want to join, and you are DIAMOND or DIAMOND+ write there as an application and I will talk to you soon. -Name -Division -Favourite Champions -Age -How much can you play per day and when? -Did you participate in tournaments before?

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