LF Serious DuoQ partner (Gold) to climb the rankings with

I QUIT LoL (PAX TF Montage)
Sup guys, So as I say in this video I will still be uploading YouTube Videos and streaming other games. I have a lot planned ahead for the future I hope you stay tuned! Twitch - Http://www.twitch.tv/DaveDoesDo Snapchat - DaveDoesDo Thanks for watching guys I appreciate the support
Video is just to show you that my main account got banned so I have made this account and plan to make it my main just need to get it higher elo right now and i'm finding it pretty boring doing it on my own. I used to stream everyday to a few viewers so playing on my own I find extremely boring. If you're interested please feel free to add me in game so we can give it a go and see how well we play together! :) Whatever role you play I don't mind however I am a midlane main. In game name is : Marneon (MARNEON)
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