FreshFox eSports League of Legends team recruiting - ADC + Jung - D4 and Above - EUW

FreshFox Esports is an upcoming eSports organisation based in the UK. The organisation currently has multiple teams within different scenes, being: Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and FIFA. The goal of our organisation is to become one of the top UK homegrown organisations in providing the opportunity for new talents to rise within the growing UK eSports scene. The brand is now looking to expand out into the League of Legends scene. We are currently looking for players among 4 roles. Roles recruiting: ADC + Top Requirements: Diamond 4 or above in Solo Q, ability to communicate via Discord or other mediums and speak English to a high standard. Each applicant will have their profiles examined and then will be trialled for numerous games if they move through to the later stage. Our currently recruited team captain is Diamond 2 and will be playing the role of midlane. We are looking to build a team that can perform well within the UK League of Legends scene. Contact me via Facebook or reply to this status and I will contact you. Twitter: Website:
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