Diamond Ducks are looking for a new jungler and ADC Plat and Above.

Hey Guys, Diamond Ducks ,a plat ranked team, are looking for a new jungler and ADC. The player should be of atleast plat 5 rating or above. All applicants over that will be considered and given tryouts if we feel the style you play will fit the team. In the next few weeks we aim to begin entering ESL and other similar tournaments with the main goal to face up against tough opponents and learn from them. If you wish to apply for the role there are a few requirements. - Be available most evenings to play ranked teams, however it doesn't matter if you aren't available for the odd evening as we will only pratise a few nights a week. - Be a good English speaker, as the remaining 3 members of our team are all native english speakers we feel fluent or close speakers are needed to make sure we can communicate effectively. - Be willing to take constructive criticism as well as give others constructive criticism - Have a motive to play ranked teams to your best capability and the willingness to improve. Note. We will not be looking at applications of players who main multiple roles or don't play their role on a frequent basis. Thanks - IAmTog and Diamond Ducks
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