Clash Of Fates ( For High Silver To High Gold Players ) LF Top, Mid ADC and Support

Main Team: Top - Free Jungle - COF Jungle Mid - Free ADC - Free Support - Free TryOuts Top - BanJoEU / ThrSoul Jungle - COF Jungle Mid - CBJAYX / notwit ADC - Infestor Annie Support - ThrSoul / Please follow this link to a Form for our team----------> But Before applying, you must be able to do all of the below. EUW Speak English ( 100% Must ) Use either TS, Skype Or Discord Very important to have a positive attitude, Any player who Tuts, Moans, Crys, Bitches, and in general is Toxic towards the team will be removed and replaced. High Silver to High Gold ONLY ( Looking for players around the same Elo ) Most be able to join the WhatsAPP Group ( So we can Talk and find out who is able to play and what times ) Also must be able to join our Facebook Page. As we run Tournament and Leagues. Thank you for your time and I look forward to our Progress as a Team.
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