_______________________IF YOU DO NOT GET TO READ THE FOLLOWING ALL OF IT DONT EVEN BOTHER!____________________ THIS POST FOCUSES ONLY TO PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK IN ESPORTS AND MAKE MONEY THROUGH SOMETHING THEY REALLY WANT,LOVE AND DO WITH PASSION ATTENTION WE ARE NOT PROVIDING E-SPORTS JOB. WE ARE BUILDING ALL TOGETHER OUR PATH TO MONEYMAKING COMPETITION AND IN BEING PROFESSIONAL AT IT! __________________________INTRO_________________________________________________ So the past Three Days I launched a Project about a New Formation Team.I was looking for people to form a team for Ranked games all the way to high elo. Our Target/Goals are tournaments and competition. __________________________________________HISTORY______________________ We got formed within the last 3 days and everything was nice.Though our Jungler was so hyped about Rankings and even though we had not a lot of experience together we jumped right in.We came UNDEFEATED WITH THE SCORE of 9 VICTORIES. Even though the TOP laner was reliable the JUNGLER was not.Since the JUNGLER was together with the TOP it was only appropriate to let em go off the team. So our last matches were 2 defeats and we stopped our very well going skirmish at 9 WINS and 2 DEFEATS AND NOW WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXPERIENCE JUNGLER AND TOP LANER!!!! {{summoner:12}} THE JUNGLER HAD TO LEAVE DUE TO THE FOLLOWING REASONS {{summoner:12}} 1.Not experience in the Jungle 2.Wanted to try New Things IN RANKED GAMES {{summoner:11}} ( FORGET ABOUT IT,IF I HAPPEN TO DENY YOUR PICK, YOU DONT PICK IT){{summoner:11}} 3.{{summoner:11}} WAS PLAYING WHAT HE WAS FEELING LIKE AND NOT WHAT REQUESTED{{summoner:11}} 4.WAS NOT MINDFUL AT ALL. WAS RATHER RECKLESS AND DIVING A LOT WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE LANERS _____________CURRENT CASE__________________________________________________________ So past these requirements you will need the Following Ones as a Jungler/Top and an Individual {{summoner:11}} JUNGLER REQUIREMENTS{{summoner:11}} - Be really well-expert into what you do -Have knowledge of your role!!! -Play all kin of Jungles (MOSTLY TANKY/ENGAGERS WILL BE ASKED) -KNOW HOW TO SMITE STEAL.It's not 100% I KNOW.BUT PLEASE..GOD UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE. JUST STARE AT YOUR SMITE BUFF.LOOK AT THE DAMAGE AND THEN STARE AT THE OBJECTIVE IN AN ATTEMPT TO DASH N STEAL IF NEEDED.EASY ISNT IT? -Know your champions and what is best for them in every situation!!!We really don't want fixing your build if we can skip that! {{champion:54}} TOP LANE REQUIREMENTS {{champion:54}} -BE really well-expert into what you do! -Have knowledge of your role! -Play all kin of Top Laners ( Aggro/Tank/Bruisers) YOU WILL BE REQUESTED TANK MOSTLY AND BRUISERS -Know your champions and what best for them!! Last thing we want is Fixing your Build!!! -DONT BARGE IN WITH THE TPs. YOU WILL BE CALLED!! ____________________________ENTRANCE ON THE TEAM_____________________________ SO ASSUMING YOU READ THE ABOVE YOU ARE CLOSER INTO {{summoner:4}} INTO THE TEAM BUT NOT YET {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} LAST WILL BE YOUR {{champion:103}} PLAYER REQUIREMENTS {{champion:103}} THIS WILL PROBABLY BE THE LAST PHASE BEFORE OUR CONVERSATION. IF YOU THINK YOU CANNOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS DONT EVEN BOTHER ~Be Gold lll+ Player bellow this rank will not be even looked at!! ~Be GOLD 2+ AT LEAST LAST SEASON ~Be reliable and follow shot calls ~Behave and have a good attitude. Being a total :D will not be tolerated ~You need to have Voice Chat Available and Speak English Well(At an undertanding level) ~Have a variety of champions to play (The well known Champ Pool) ~Be 17 Years old+ ~Have Experience in the game ~Always look to get better and better and keep improving that way ~Be a mindful player..We dont want playmakers that end up in a Suicide Squad.You can end up easier by Farm>Kills.So being mindful will reward the teams most of the times. ~Have awareness and Experience in your lane. Most of the times in your team almost always you would like to stick to the role you have assigned since in your team you will be consider the Expert in that one. ~ KNOW WHEN TO KILL, KNOW WHEN TO FARM, KNOW WHEN TO ONLY FARM. DONT BE RECKLESS ELSE YOU GET {{summoner:12}} OUT =) _______________ PLAY TIME________________________________ Okay assuming you passed all that its time you agree on the thing that actually makes one tired. We are here to WORK and not play.IF YOU ARE HERE CLEARLY FOR FUN. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU! -BE ABLE TO PLAY AT LEAST 5 HOURS! AT LEAST 5 HOURS!!! Thats the less!! -Monday - Wednesday 20:00 GMT+1 and Fri-Sun 13:00 GMT+1 ____________SO FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAME THIS FAR____________ For all those who have come this far in this post. Good Job! Thus for though who meet all these! Congratulations! You will get the Goals of this team. Right below! ____________________GOALS AND FINAL STAGE OF APPROVAL__________________________________ So we are clearly LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO WORK HERE AND NOT TALKING ABOUT FUN. THIS POST FOCUSES ONLY TO PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK IN ESPORTS AND MAKE MONEY THROUGH SOMETHING THEY REALLY WANT,LOVE AND DO WITH PASSION So we are focusing on E-Sports Money Making via our very own original way. We are forming a team so we can climb up all the way to high elo with our own team skills without having the frustration of the Dynamic Queue!! Assuming we are players that have ambitions an we all want money from League meaning we are dedicate to the game( and selling our soul to the devil lol) We plan to Reach Diamond lll+ at least before the season ends. In case this happens a lot of planning should have went behind the scenes. Allowing our Team to be one of experienced. If i see the team rising fast cause 3/5 are already really fitting into this! Early Plat Tournamnets with Money as a Prize Pool will be taking place withthe team taking part allowing us to make some early money!!! As for the future plans if this all goes well...I am going to tell you in Chat. THOUGH IF WE REACH DIAMOND lll+ and we split! =) We will be all be possesing a Key to money making through the game! As long as we are Diamon lll+ The thing is how everyone is going to take advantage of it. Now..your key..for the 1st step ________________________FINAL STAGE_________________ If you just meet all of the above and you agree about WORK/COMPETITION and leave FUN/RECKLESSNESS ASIDE You are all welcome and don't hesistate to CONTACT ME IGN(IN GAME NAME): Pool Party Kamon YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES {{item:3078}} ? Come on {{summoner:4}} INTO THE TEAM!!!!
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