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Ice Express: League of Legends
Ice Express: League of Legends. 47 likes. Ice Express believes in a better way of gaming through positive attitude, innovative and supportive style.
Hello good people, Are you looking for friendly club to join in and have fun? Why not try Ice Express than? We are group of people, that take this game as it is, game, place to have fun and relax. You desire to climb ranked ladder? We are not against that, and we will help you however we can with that too. So, what do Ice Express can offer for you? 1. Friendly people of variety of ranks to play with 2. Help and tips (if you need them) to climb ranked ladder 3. Interesting events 4. Matches against other clubs 5. Promise of growing community What Ice Express is expecting from you? Don't be toxic and enjoy your stay! :) Interested? Contact Amalun for further details See ya on the rift (or howling abyss, or twisted treeline) and have nice day :)

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