Dia- Plat player team looking for SUPP Plat only accepted if dia before Must play a variety of champ

Hi I am the Jungler and my IGN is Euw Link. Facts about me: I mainly play jungle and mid I am 18 years old I have played ranked 5s since season 2. In season 5 I had 1 account in diamond, and in season 6 I had two accounts in Diamond. (Can prove it) Took 4 months break after season 6 due to toxicity and came back with having to learn new season 7 meta. I am now into the meta and I understand the strong picks and how to use them and I expect to hit diamond soon again on my smurf. My play style is primarily about putting pressure on my lanes, and early ganks. Champs I currently like to play: Jungle: Lee, Kha, Elise, Zac I have Skype, Discord & Teamspeak I can play many games every day, and I often also do. I am from Denmark and therefore English is my 2nd language. I am a male. I have participated in many tournaments e.g. Go4lol Add my IGN for more info or questions that you might have: Euw Link Have a nice day/night :)
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