Team Equilibrium - Small multi gaming community

Hey all Me and my friends at the Team Equilibrium gaming community are currently looking to expand our population with new members of all different personalities. We currently have 2 ranked teams for LoL and are looking to expand to a third one and even a fourth if enough people are interested, we are also looking for casual people to join us and play as well. We also have a group of people who play Hearthstone and have organised events on the game with each other. We are looking to expand into CS:GO as we have a few members with us already interested in creating a team on there however not enough to actually make a team as of yet. So if any of you are interested in joining our awesome community feel free to visit the website and sign up, we also have a Teamspeak sever you will be able to join once you are signed up with us and we look forward to meeting new people and welcoming you guys to our community!

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